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In Arlington, Texas you can go watch the Texas Rangers, and you can ride a rollercoaster at Six Flags over Texas. But most importantly, Arlington is the birthplace of a band called Supplication formed in 1993, which later changed its name to Embodyment.

The first demo created by Supplication was called "Persistant Sin," described as metal with death-style vocals. Original members were Andrew Godwin and Taylor Smith on guitars, Kevin Donnini on bass, Jason Lindquist on vocals and Mark Garza on drums. After a few shows, Taylor left and the band changed its name to Embodyment. The new death metal band produced another demo in 1994 called "Corrosion of the Flesh."

After a few shows, Embodyment took six months off to begin writing material for a self-titled EP album. Kris McCaddon joined the band as the new vocalist. Jason Lindquist left the band to continue his education, and Andy's cousin, James Lanigan became the new guitarist.

Embodyment then signed to Tooth and Nail Records in 1997. At the time people described their music as grindcore or thrash metal. Embodyment's first full length album was called Embrace the Eternal, released in 1998 . The band immediately gained a larger fan base than it could in the Dallas area.

The band went on a few tours, playing with the likes of Training for Utopia, No Innocent Victim, Zao and P.O.D. On their return home to Texas, another line up change occured. Jason Lindquist returned to bass and James Lanigan and Kevin Donnini retired. Sean Corbray became the new vocalist and Kris left the band as well.

April 2000 was a shocking month for many Christian music fans. Embodyment's sophomore effort, The Narrow Scope of Things was released and became a major transition album for the band. The familiar death metal had disappeared and was replaced with a softer emo-ish style of hard music. Some fans were confused, other were angry, and yet others embraced the new music.

Mark Garza said in an interview, "The change in the sound is because of member changes and natural development. We had been playing death -grind- metal, whatever you what to call it, for seven years so we wanted something new. We wanted to open our music to more people."

In 2001 Embodyment continued its shift in their third release, Hold Your Breath. Sean Corbray, who has screamed occasionally in Narrow Scope never sceamed at all in the new album. His singing completely took over and more melodic songs were introduced. Hold Your Breath has more of a clear direction musically speaking, and Embodyment have proved themselves worthy of a listen. People have compared the new music to Sevendust and even the Foo Fighters. However, Embodyment doesn't want to be labeled an emo band or a metal band. They'd rather be called a rock band.

Embodyment has ended their contract with Solid State Records (a division of Tooth and Nail) and may be looking for a bigger label. They want to get a bigger fan base, and possibly get some mainstream airplay. What's in store for Embodyment? We certainly hope more people will be able to appreciate their unique style of music.



1993 - Persistant Sin - demo tape under the name of Supplication
1994 - Corrosion of the Flesh - demo tape for Embodyment
1996 - Embodyment (self-titled) - 3 song demo
1998 - Embrace the Eternal - first LP
1998 - This is Solid State Vol. 1 - compilation
1999 - 1993-1996 - re-release of 3 demos
2000 - The Narrow Scope of Things
2001 - Hold Your Breath


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